Tequila Factory

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August 22, 2010

For this project we did product photography, graphic design, social media branding, video (for DVD and web) and developed an attractive new website. We started of with the product photography, talking pictures of the many bottles, then using photoshop to crop them. We would use this for the website, social media branding and video. We also gave the current logo a little uplift.

We then started creating a website/blog that would be easy to navigate and with an attractive design.

For social media  we created and branded a twitter account, facebook page and youtube channel. We set it up so that when anything is updated on the blog or website it automatically update the social networks (this would save a lot of time for the client). Here are the social networks created for the Tequila Factory:

We created their brochures, business cards, banners and other designs for marketing.

Lastly we created a video using Premiere and After Effects of how tequila is produced. We did variations of the video (for DVD, web, mobile phones) and in 2 languages (English and Spanish).

The project for start to finish took 3 months.

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